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Universidade Lusófona

NEMPS - Workshop 2017

Os Sistemas Pervasivos de Comunicação, os Sistemas Complexos e as propostas de tese dos alunos







Paulo Mendes

23 Junho 2017


14:00 - 15:00 Trabalhos de Tese (posters)
Coordenador: Prof. Paulo Mendes

• Liliana Inocêncio, “Pervasive Sensing in the Context of Social Well-Being” (Proposta de Tese)
• Helder Valente, “IoT Unified Communications in Smart Cities” (Proposta de Tese)
• Andres Mrad, “Game design for linguistic learning processes of impaired kids” (Proposta de Tese)
• José Faísca, “Decentralized Semantic Identity” (Tese)
• Preyesse Arquissandás, “Promoting well-being through Augmented Reality Sensing Based Technology” (Tese)
• Francisco Melo Pereira, “Inferring Individual Behavior in Urban Daily Activities, from Mobile`Phone Traces” (Tese)

15:00 - 16:00 Sistemas Complexo (Apresentações)
Coordenador: Prof. Paulo Mendes

• Liliana Inocêncio, “Dynamics of Social-aware Pervasive Networks”.
• Hélder Valente, , “Temporal Connectivity of Vehicular Networks: The Power of Store-Carry-and-Forward”.
• Andres Mrad, “Small World Based Cooperative Routing Protocol for Large Scale Wireless Ad Hoc Networks” -

16:00  16:30 Pausa

16:30 - 17:30 Sistemas Pervasivos de Comunicação (Apresentações)
Coordenador: Prof. Rute Sofia

• Liliana Inocêncio, "Leveraging proximity sensing to mine the behavior of museum visitors."
• Helder Valente, "TCP/ICN: Carrying TCP over Content Centric and Named Data Networks."
• Andres Mrad, "iFrame: Dynamic indoor map construction through automatic mobile sensing."