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The New Rise of Television

Long-form storytelling carries unique challenges that are not always understood by filmmakers...


Este evento faz parte de Conhecer os profissionais de Cinema e Audiovisual



Auditório Q


Inês Santa

08 Março 2018

Long-form storytelling carries unique challenges that are not always understood by filmmakers trained for cinema. This one hour lecture identifies some of the key differentiators, and how they can be successfully navigated.

Short Bio 

Ric Gibbs is an instructor in the Department of Entertainment Studies, University of California, Los Angeles. He has spent the past twenty-five years working in the film and television industry, writing for such well known producers as Mark Wahlberg & Stephen Levinson, Jon Landau & James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd and Lawrence Bender. And for Paramount Studios, Universal, USA, Fox, NBC and Warner Brothers Television. As an active industry professional he brings a wealth of experience, guidance, and hard won insight to all his classes. His students benefit not merely with solid writing and filmmaking skills, but with the crucial, real world insights that will enable them to build their career of choice in media. Gibbs holds his MFA in Film and Television from Northwestern University and has traveled extensively, including a summer internship with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company for their production of Athol Fugard’s play ‘Bloodknot’ in Avignon, France. He has written two novels, as well as his most recent non-fiction book QUICK, WHERE’S MY CAPE? which explores the world of myths and superheroes and their role in pop culture and contemporary storytelling.