Diana Rita Ramos Jorge

Diana Rita Ramos Jorge
Nome Completo:
Diana Rita Ramos Jorge


Diana Rita Ramos Jorge. Concluded the Integrated Master in Civil Engineering in 2010 by the University of Coimbra and the PhD in Transport Systems in 2014 also by the University of Coimbra. Is an Assistant Professor at Lusofona University. Published 10 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Received 4 awards. Participated as researcher in 1 project and as Post-doc researcher in 2 projects. Works in the areas of Engineering and Technology with focus on Operations Research, Transportation and Logistics. In her curriculum Ciência Vitae the most frequent terms in the context of scientific and technological output are: Logistics; Transports; Exact methods; Heuristics; Metaheuristics; Simulation; and Operations research.


  • Doutoramento
    Sistemas de Transportes
  • Mestrado integrado
    Engenharia Civil


Artigo em revista

  • 2022-01, A hybrid metaheuristic for smart waste collection problems with workload concerns, Computers & Operations Research
  • 2021-05-27, High-Tech Defense Industries: Developing Autonomous Intelligent Systems, Applied Sciences
  • 2021, Towards a decision-support tool for airport slot allocation: Application to Guarulhos (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Journal of Air Transport Management
  • 2015-11, Trip pricing of one-way station-based carsharing networks with zone and time of day price variations, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
  • 2015-07, Assessing the viability of enabling a round-trip carsharing system to accept one-way trips: Application to Logan Airport in Boston, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies
  • 2014-08, Comparing Optimal Relocation Operations With Simulated Relocation Policies in One-Way Carsharing Systems, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 2014-06-13, The Added Value of Accounting For Users’ Flexibility and Information on the Potential of a Station-Based One-Way Car-Sharing System: An Application in Lisbon, Portugal, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 2013-06-01, Carsharing systems demand estimation and defined operations: a literature review, European Journal of Transport and Infrastrucure Research
  • 2012-10, Testing the Validity of the MIP Approach for Locating Carsharing Stations in One-way Systems, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • 2012-02, Road network pavement maintenance optimisation using the HDM-4 pavement performance prediction models, International Journal of Pavement Engineering

Tese / Dissertação

  • 2014-12-16, Doutoramento, Optimization and simulation of one-way carsharing operations
  • 2010, Mestrado, Road Network Pavement Maintenance Optimization


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