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Top 5 Student Bank Accounts

Entering college is a time of expense. You have to buy school supplies, pay tuition fees and sometimes think about moving to a totally different city. However, although the expenses are high, there are also opportunities for savings.

Card IU Box | Special financing conditions

Check the credit that CGD makes available to higher education students.
Caixa Credit

The CGD Card is for all students.

Caixa, over the years, has established protocols with Higher Education Institutions, through which it grants financial benefits to the entire academic population and is responsible for issuing identification cards, after the respective request of the students and after the confirmation of enrollment by the University itself.

The Lusófona University tem protocolo com a Caixa, onde te oferece duas opções:

  • Option 1: Simple ID card;
  • Option 2*: Identification card associated with a bank account at Caixa with several associated advantages:

*It is not mandatory to open an account or make an ATM card

Support Line: 808 212 213

  • Access to the Caixadirecta IU Service (808 212 213 - 24 hours a day / every day of the year) with a dedicated team of salespeople, exclusively for responding to requests from higher education students;
  • The Caixadirecta Service is free and allows you to access your account anywhere in the world via telephone or the Internet, to make inquiries, transactions, payments, etc.;
  • Service Access reply2me. You send a message* with the following text: reply2me[space][Caixadirecta contract number] to 3510 and, on the way back, Caixa will call you so you don't spend money on your phone call;
  • Discounts at more than 160 partners, such as Zon Lusomundo and Cinemas City cinema tickets, Viagens (ex: Best Travel and Tui Viagens), hotels, shops, shows and exhibitions (learn more at Caixa Advantages);
  • Access to free Microsoft software - - program dreamspark.

* sms reply2me cost: through TMN, the cost is €0.07. For the other networks, it will depend on the operator's tariff.

To obtain the Lusófona University Identification Card with all the Benefits to which you are entitled, you need to present the following:

  • Copy of B.I./Citizen Card
  • Copy of Tax Identification Number
  • Proof of Address
    (proof of enrollment at the School, driving license, green card for car insurance, property registration title, bank account statement or certificate from the Parish Council)
  • 1 Photograph

Important Information

Choose the card that you consider most suitable for you and request it at the Caixa stand or at any branch. The card is sent to your address if you request the card with a bank aspect.

Cards without the banking component will be delivered to the Academic Services of the University.

Go to the Caixa space and request your ID card

For more information about the box

All bank financing requests are evaluated and approved by the banking institution. Helpline: 808 212 213/707 242 42
Adhesion proposal for the CAIXA IU card.pdf

For more information, you can contact the treasury services or the CGD branch that will be at your University at the beginning of the new academic year.

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