SAS - Social Action Service

Indirect Social Support

SAS - Social Action Service

Of Indirect Social Support, access to health services, cultural and sports activities stands out.

Health Benefits Plan - PBS

The Health Benefits Plan (PBS) is the result of a partnership between Clínica São João de Deus, Clínica São José de Camarate and the establishments of Lusophone Education with the aim of promoting health care such as medical appointments, exams and treatments at advantageous prices.

PBS is not health insurance, membership is free and access to health services does not require payment of any monthly fee.

Students, alumni, teachers and employees of Lusophone Teaching establishments. The benefits are extended to the households (parents, children, spouses and siblings) of the direct beneficiaries, provided that they are expressly indicated in the registration to be carried out here.

See all the information on the website PBS - Health Benefits Plan

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