Meeting 14th Meeting of CeiED Researchers

50 Years of Democracy: New Directions for Education and Research

In the year we celebrate 50 years of democracy in Portugal, the 14th CeiED Researchers' Meeting aims to reflect on the new directions for education and research. Democracy and the establishment of fundamental rights have brought, among others, the right to education, leading to a path that today has resulted in a 12-year compulsory education system, with an inclusive perspective in its broadest sense.

From a country with significant educational lag, Portugal has come to match the most advanced educational systems, both in basic and secondary education, as well as in higher education. In turn, research has followed a similar path, developing, deepening, and today playing a crucial role in the expansion of knowledge in response to complex challenges of various kinds, with researchers integrated into international teams in support of global agendas.

Looking to the future, we are concerned about uncertainty, the volatility of knowledge, and the ability to respond to the new digital world, climate change, among others, without leaving anyone behind, making use of the rights we gained 50 years ago. CeiED invites its entire scientific community - undergraduate, master's, doctoral, post-doctoral students, researchers, and professors, to reflect on how Education and Research can contribute to a better world for future generations, based on the values of equity and social justice.


11 July

10:30 am - Opening session

  • António Teodoro, Scientific Director of CeiED

11:00 am - Opening lecture

  • "The Sociology of Education in Democracy: Paths taken and new directions for research" - Almerindo Janela Afonso, Universidade do Minho

12:30 am - Lunch break

1:30 pm - Presentation sessions

  • Oral communications

3:00 pm - Exhibition by Museology and Visual Arts students

4:00 pm - Presentation sessions

  • Oral communications and posters

5:30 pm - Cultural Programme + Closing Sunset

12 July

9:30 am - Presentation sessions

  • Oral communications

11:00 am - Coffee break

11:15 am - Special session: "Raymond Williams: education, democracy and hegemony". Emilio Lucio-Villegas, University of Seville

  • Moderation: Lucimar Dantas, Executive Director of the Doctoral College of Citizen Science, Lusófona University University

12:45 am - Lunch break

1:45 pm - Presentation of 3 CeiED ReLeCos

3:15 pm - Coffee break

3:30 pm - Presentation of CeiED ReLeCos

5:00 pm - Closing of the 14th Researchers' Meeting





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Thursday, July 11, 2024 09:30
Friday, July 12, 2024 17:30


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