My Tourism Lusófona

A Platform for Conversations, Discussions, Questions and Learning about Current and Future Tourism.

The world of tourism today and its future prospects with the "My Tourism Lusófona" event. 

With a variety of free seminars taking place from 3pm to 4pm between 19 February and 13 May 2024, the event offers a platform for discussions, professional insights and shared experiences, with the participation of alumni and prominent leaders and professionals in the Tourism Industry.

Don't miss the opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge of the world of Tourism.



19th February

Agustín Básquez Sousa Macedo, CEO of Green Mile - Luxury Chauffeurs

  • Tourism on Wheels: an approach to "Modern Luxury"

4th March

Chatting with former students: Testimony from Natacha Silva (Hotel Mundial and Portugal)

  • Was it worth studying Tourism?

11th March

Chat with former Tourism students Nádia Teixeira and Mariana Reynolds

  • A professional experience beyond borders

18th March

Travel Agency - Top-Atlântico/Wamos Group: Daniel Vink: General Manager of Network and Online and Luisa Miranda: Network Manager Greater Lisbon

  • Travel agencies: A career with colour - Wamos Academy Programme

8th April

Tiago Lopes, from It's On - Engaging Experiences

  • Tourist entertainment in the context of new tourism dynamics

15th April

Patricia Purshotam, Resident Director of AlmaLusa Hotel

  • My life would make an Indian film, without subtitles

22nd April

Ricardo Afonso, Market Team Manager at

  • OTA, What's new?

6th May

Francisco Teixeira, CEO of Melair IR - Royal Caribbean Group

  • Cruises

13th May

Nuno Sousa Figueiredo, Marketing and Sales Manager at Turkish Airlines

  • Aviation Insights: Marketing a Route


Date and Hour

Monday, February 19, 2024 15:00
Monday, May 13, 2024 16:00






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