Class Architectural Design I

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    The curricular unit of Architectural Design I, lasting one semester, consists of theoretical-practical classes, lasting 5 hours per week. Given the current state of the pandemic in which we find ourselves, half of the expected teaching hours will be taught in person, in the classroom, and the rest in the distance learning system (e-learning). Among the several objectives to be achieved, it is intended: To bring the student of architecture closer to the practice of the sketch configured as a creative process, referencing drawing as a way of thinking and communicating; explore the domain of architectural space through the representation of the object in its various dimensions; start the process of formalizing an author's language.

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  • Syllabus


    1. To explore
    Scratching media
    The drawing supports
    The elements of the drawing (point, line and plane)
    The form, ways and techniques of expressing the form
    2. To Represent
    Draw space - dimension
    Draw time / space - paths
    Architecture and insertion
    3. Architectural object
    Architectural Work
    Architecture in the urban and natural context
    Details and shadows
    4. To Conceive
    Synthesis - boundary, silhouettes and profiles
    Transformation, fusion, composition
    Author's conception and design

  • Objectives


    Observation and representation processes

    - Structural elements of the graphic language

    - Diagrammatic structures

    - Standards of architectural design

    - Scale of the figure; proportion; framework;

    - Recognition of drawing expression with intensity and movement:

    Situate the themes drawn in time and space;

    Know the drawing procedures in perspective;

    Master the human scale in an architectural sketch;

    Know how to interpret and fuse images;

    Synthesize and communicate a creative idea through drawing;

    Use conceptual design to master the composition.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The drawing classes articulate a formal aspect of contextualizing the themes to be addressed in each class and consequent face-to-face production of the proposed practical exercises.

    All subjects will be introduced using pedagogical techniques based on practical examples, illustrated and / or by image and video.

    The student must acquire and use the suggested support and registration materials for each drawing.

    Classes take place in a studio environment, with monitoring and support from the teacher.

    Classes abroad and study visits are planned.

    Students are encouraged to register in the graphic form in a drawn diary format.

  • References


    • CÔRTE-REAL, Eduardo (2001) - O TRiunfo da Virtude, as origens do desenho arquitectónico. Lisboa: Livros Horizonte.
    • RODRIGUES, Ana L, Madeira (2000), O DEsenho, ordem do pensamento arquitectónico. Lisboa: Editorial Estampa.


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    Filipa Oliveira Antunes

    3ª feira, das 9.00 às 10.00 h








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