Class Geometry Applied to Architecture I

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    Skilling the Student for the Geometry phenomena as an ancillate knowledge to the architectural
    conception and the understanding of space.Área de preenchimento obrigatório.

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  • Syllabus


    A classification and a taxonomy of geometrical figures;
    Fundamental concepts in Geometry;
    Understanding Geometry in Space;
    Introduction to the ruled sketching.
    The Problematics of distances;
    Types of Projection;

  • Objectives


    Mastering the fundamental concepts and figures in the field of Geometry that lead to the conception and
    representation in architecture.
    Place oneself in the problematics of Geometry in space;
    Differing the planimetry from the altimetry.
    Determining heights, inclinations and proclivities.
    Determining real measures of distances and angles.
    Elaborating dimensional studies of polyedrics.
    Representing solids according to the double projection method.
    Determining complex sections in solids.Área de preenchimento obrigatório.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Practical and tutorial sessions, crossing theorectical exposition and heuristic approach.
    Assessment: 1 Individual work, 1 final test and 1 class portfolio.
    [assignments to disclose on due course]
    Class portfolio: delivery in the term of the Semester - 20%;
    Work of the Semester - 20 %;
    One test to be done in due time - 50%;
    Participation and attendance - 10%
    [mid-term marks expressed in A, B, C, D e E; final grade, from 0 to 20]

  • References


    • AGUILAR, Leonildo Teixeira de (1997), Alguns conceitos geométricos ; Lisboa: SPA
    • CUNHA, Luís Veiga da (1997), Desenho Técnico ; Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian [AQ/ 88 
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    • IZQUIERDO Asensi, Fernando (2002), Geometríadescriptiva superior e aplicada ; Madrid: Ed. Autor
      [MT/ 277- BC]
    • Nota: Todas as cotas são da Biblioteca Victor de Sá da ULHT.


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    João Borges da Cunha

    Terças-feira, 16:00

    Espaço Professor







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