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    The Curricular Unit fundamentally aims provide to the students with content and instruments to implement a Dissertation Project (Work Plan), as a consistent basis for the preparation of a master's dissertation.

    It has three teaching modules:

    1. Theoretical / expository classes with six content presentation sessions that address philosophical and philosophy of science subjects, disciplinary, theoretical, historiographical and the topics about dialectic between the practice of architecture and research.

    2. Follow-up sessions for the development of research methodologies and processes.

    3. Open seminar / class with architects / invited researchers from outside teaching institutions or research units, with the following topics:

    3.1. Master's Work and Subsequent Research Practice

    3.2  Restlessness: Interaction of Theory with the Practice of Architecture


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  • Syllabus


    I- Notions of Academic Research

    II- Types of Research

    III- Research in Architecture

    IV- Architectural Research

    V- Epistemology and Phenomenology

    VI- Theory, Research and Professional Practice (cycle of classes with external guests)

    a- Master's Work and Subsequent Research Practice

    b-  Restlessness: Interaction of Theory with the Practice of Architecture

  • Objectives


    The strategic objective aims the realization of a Dissertation Project as a consistent basis and expressed in an intelligible way for the preparation of the original dissertation, to be concluded with academic success.

    Complementary objectives:

    1. Develop autonomy skills for the organization of knowledge.

    2. Develop the ability to distinguish not only the fundamental domains of architecture - practice, criticism, theory, history - as well as the articulations and interrelationships that are established between them.

    3. Consolidation of methods and processes of research and investigation in Architecture.

    4. Consolidation of competences related to written summaries.

    5. Consolidation of oral expression skills and defense of own research work.

    6. Consolidation of data, information and documentation systematization skills.

    7. Develop skills to choose an original and relevant topic.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    1. Theoretical classes:

    1.1 Expository sessions of the programmed contents.

    1.2 Joint debate sessions.


    2. Theoretical / practical classes:

    2.1 Support for the development of practical work;

    2.2 Support in the collection and systematization of data and information;

    2.3 Support in documentary research (drawings, projects, images, etc.);

    2.4 Support in research work


    3. Complementary activities:

    3.1 Seminar/Cycle of open classes with external architects/researchers.



    Rating criteria:

    A - Merit of an article written on a topic chosen by the student, or case study work = 25%.

    B - Merit of the Master Thesis Project (Work Plan) + attachments or physical elements = 50%.

    C - Merit of Presentation of the Master's Dissertation Project = 25%.

    Oral presentation accompanied by a 10-minute audiovisual session (PowerPoint), with a critical appraisal jury made up of two UC professors and DAU/ULTH invited professors.

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