Class Constructive Systems II

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    The Sistemas Construtivos II Curricular Unit continues the presentation of a fundamental aspect of architecture, based on the precept that one of the distinctive and identitary elements of an architectural piece, the result of the design act, is that it is a constructible "thing". This means that during the second moment of the MIA.ISMAT course, this UC will teach the future architect the need to master constructive systems and the language of communication for the work, so that, in the future, with a master's degree, he will be able to embody his architectural response, through something included in the discipline's collection.
    Using the learning-by-doing method, the UC will inculcate basic principles (for example, gravity or balance) throughout the semester, always taking care to communicate the reasons and causes behind these axioms.

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  • Syllabus


    1 - Architectural Systems II
    1.1 - Presentation and description of the notion of architectural system - according to the synthesis proposed by José Maria Montaner.
    1.2 - Presentation of a core group of contemporary architectural systems and the use of this synthesis as a tool for architectural design.
    2 - Building Systems II
    2.1 - Linear Systems II
    2.2 - Load-bearing wall systems II
    2.2.1 - Constructions based on treated earth II.
    3 - Systems by 3d printing.

  • Objectives


    The student will continue to acquire a range of theoretical and practical knowledge that will serve as an introductory basis to the universe of construction in architecture, understanding technical knowledge in construction as a tool in the design process.
    The student will, step by step, continue to develop the symbiotic connection that architecture maintains with constructions, and to establish between creation, form and constructability in their project proposal.
    The student will continue to develop the technical, theoretical and practical proficiency, necessary for the production of the architectural project.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    innovative methodologies to support the teaching-learning process used: the student will be able to use 3D modeling programs to support the exercise

  • References


    • Bibliografia obrigatória


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