Class Dissertation Project: Short Film Production

  • Presentation


    The main objective of this unit is to support all students who opt for a dissertation in the form of a short film project, in the development and production of a short film.


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  • Syllabus


    1. Presentation and discussion of project ideas.
    1.1 Articulation with the written thesis
    2. Script analysis or treatment and determination of material and writing needs (Script Breakdown)
    3. Statement of intent and film concept
    3.1 Story and dramaturgical idea (fiction/documentary)
    4. Limits of production conditions: time, means, financing
    4.1 Authorizations and contracts
    4.2 Financial arrangements and budget
    5. Production schedule (Prodution Schedule)
    6. Casting ideas
    7. Location photos
    8. Moodboard: visual ideas, light, composition
    9. Determination of means of production and shooting locations
    9.1 Crew members
    9.2 Materials list
    10. Shooting or run preparation
    11. Post-production schedule


  • Objectives


    Ability to determine production (pre-prep and shooting) and post-production requirements depending on the film idea developed.

  • References


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