Class Projeto de Dissertação em Neuropsicologia Clínica

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    In this curricular unit, students have the opportunity to be included and participate in one of the research lines of the course and HEI-LAB. Students should participate in research meetings, in which they will have the opportunity to contact research teams and projects working on their research topic; train transversal and specific research skills; and develop a research project with adequate and systematic tutoring.

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  • Syllabus


    S1: Ongoing research lines and HEI-LAB research groups

    S2: Presentation and selection of research topics for the Dissertation

    S3: Research in bibliographic databases and systematic review of the literature

    S4: Research plan and procedures

    S5: Techniques for data collection and analysis

    S6: Elaboration and writing of research projects

    S7: Submission of research proposals to the local Ethics and Deontology Committee

  • Objectives


    LO1: Know the research groups and the ongoing research lines of the HEI-LAB

    LO2: Define an original research topic or question in Clinical Neuropsychology, to be used in the Dissertation.

    LO3: Conduct bibliographic searching on the selected topic, identifying the state-of-art.

    LO4: Perform a critical reading of scientific articles related to the selected topic and proceed with their synthesis and integration.

    LO5: Design a scientifically grounded research project, aligned with the research questions and/or proposed hypotheses.

    LO6: Write a research project in light of ethical principles previously discussed, with the ultimate goal of submitting the research project (to be conducted in the Dissertation) to the local ethics and deontology committee

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The proposed teaching methodologies include a set of pedagogical innovation practices based on evidence and adjusted to the objectives and contents of the curricular unit, namely

    Iterative seminar-tutoring process in the formulation of the research project

    Introductory process for writing the dissertation

    Implementation of Open Science Practices

    Multi-rater assessment methodology

  • References


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