Class Research-Based Animation Film Production - Building Narratives, Going Virtual, Seeing Reality III

  • Code


  • Syllabus


    Installation Based project

    • Prototype
    • Pre-final visualization maquette
    • Virtual Budget

    Narrative based project

    • Final Storyboard + Sonorized Animatic
    • Layouts
    • Production Schedule
    • Final visual concept

    Virtual Budget

  • Objectives


    Students have to make the pre-production dossier of their thesis project so that by the end of the semester it is ready to be produced.

    Through this process, students concretize all the research and development phase they have done in the previous semesters taking a decisive step towards its realization taking into account all the aspects of the pre-production of the project so that it can be realized in the last semester of the course.

    (In this pre-final phase of the project, students prepare the final details of the thesis project before it goes into production. In the case of a film production, students finalize the storyboard, the sound animatic, the layouts and all the visual and sound design of the project; in the case of an expanded animation artifact, students finalize the prototype and present a mock-up for visualization. In both cases a production schedule and a virtual budget are also presented.)

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Through individual meetings with teachers of the curricular unit and guests, students present the status of their thesis project and listen to comments from teachers and guests in order to make the projects more concise and ready for production. The final presentation will be in December 18th and 19th to the Academic Board who will pronounce if the projects are ready for production. The course evaluation will be made by the course teachers.

  • References


    The bibliography is specific for each student's thesis project.

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