Undergraduate Aeronautical Management




DegreeUndergraduate Semesters6 Credits180
  • Admission Conditions

    Admission Conditions

    Podem candidatar-se a este ciclo de estudos os que apresentem candidatura através do concurso institucional de acesso e tenham aprovação a uma das seguintes provas:

    • 04 Economia
    • 16 Matemática
    • 18 Português

    Candidates may also apply via the regimes of institution/programme transfer or via Special Application, in accordance with the legal regulations in force (holders of higher education degree, holders of a Technological Specialization Course, holders of Professional Higher Technician Course or Over 23 years of Age). Candidates who meet the requirements defined in the International Student Statute can also apply.
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Knowledge base in areas of management and multidisciplinary capacity for critical analysis and the ability to solve problems within the Aeronautical Management, building and basing arguments own Practical application of theoretical knowledge to problems in Aeronautical Management, eg, Operations, Logistics, Business and Airport sector Capacity to collect and interpret relevant information Aeronautics Inventiveness and creativity that, in future professional life of Licensee, allow constant adaptation and reinvention of his work in the international aviation Prepare some of the students to continue their studies in graduate school, so that they are only limited by your willingness and intellectual capacity, Expertise for access to professions regulated by the National Aeronautics Authority (INAC, IP) and international, for example, Journal of Flight Operations and Airline Transport Pilot.
  • Objectives


    Developing the skills of future graduates, which include both the generic nature - instrumental, interpersonal and systemic - or the specific nature of the associated Management Training graduates with scientific skills that support a professional approach to work successfully in Management applied to the International Civil Aviation sector. Training graduates with the appropriate level of qualifications to join the European labor market and highly trained in the areas of general base, which enables a continuity of learning with high autonomy and capacity assessment of problems in the area. Strengthen the training offer of ULHT, in harmony with the second cycle in Aeronautical Management running the Lusophone University, a strategic sector for the country, which is growing interest in recent years

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Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force.
    • Application Fees
      Admission for Undergraduates 198€
      Holders of University Degree 198€
      Readmission 80€
      Over 23 years 198€
      International student 260€
      Change Course 80€
      International Student with ENEM 260€
    • Registration Fees
      Registration 255€
      Student Insurance 40€
      Enrollment 325€
    • Tuition
      Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 388.2€
      Per ECTS 12.94€
    • Application Fees
      Holders of University Degree 210€
      Readmission 90€
      Change Course 90€
      International Student with ENEM 300€
      International student 300€
      Admission for Undergraduates 210€
      Over 23 years 210€
    • Registration Fees
      Registration 265€
      Student Insurance 40€
      Enrollment 335€
    • Tuition
      Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 398.4€
      Per ECTS 13.28€

Course Direction


Eliana Cristina Agostinho Mendes

  • Telephone extension
  • Location
    Sala C.0.12
  • Service hours
    2ªf a 6ªf 9H30 às 13H00 e 14H30 às 17H00

Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

Acreditation state
Acreditado - Deliberation
Registry number: R/A-Cr 50/2013

Graduation Requirements

Have completed a total of 180 ECTS.
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