Class Basic Principles of Management and Marketing for Film and Audiovisual

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    The main objective of the Basic Principles of Management and Marketing for Cinema and Audiovisual is to promote the acquisition of knowledge about the fundamental principles of marketing management and their application in the context of creation, production and distribution of audiovisual and cinematographic content. This implies that, at the end of the course, students will be able to understand the central role of marketing in building relationships between an organization and its target audience, but also the central role of marketing in designing offers that respond to emerging needs in a market. or set of individuals. The subject includes, as complementary fundamental objectives, the understanding of the specific function of marketing in the context of the audiovisual and cinematographic creation process, as well as its importance in the context of the profound transformations that these processes are undergoing in the context of the dominant digital ecologies today.
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    The semester is divided into two academic moments (see calendar):
    1. Theoretical part: Principles of Marketing that occupies the first part of the semester
    2. Practical part: Marketing plan developed in three phases in the second half of the semester:
    2.1 Market Envelope Analysis
    2.2 Marketing Strategy: Create Value for the Target Public/s
    2.3 The Movie Marketing Mix: Engaging the Consumer
  • Objectives


    - Understanding the stages of the marketing management process and central concepts of the marketing process, including the understanding of the central contemporary approach in relational marketing that keeps the consumer at the center of the entire marketing process;
    - Ability to analyze a market and define a value proposition based on the identified variables;
    - Understanding the different elements of the marketing mix and the role of the marketing function in particular in the context of audiovisual and film production
    - Ability to apply the central concepts of marketing management to a concrete process of creation and audiovisual production in the context of the development of the transversal project of the semester.
  • References


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