Class Public Relations Theory and Practices

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    Public Relations | Theory and Practice present students with relevant theoretical support for the area of corporate identity and public relations (PR). Provides analysis tools as an overview of business activities but with a clear orientation to the PR perspective.
    On the other hand, supports the knowledge of image-related concepts such as identity and reputation while strengthening public relations actions in areas such as organizational culture and event
    Finally, this practical discipline, applies the main concepts to today's business world, so that students develop critical / analytical skills and be able to question different approaches.

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  • Syllabus


    Nature and scope of the PR function.

    Theoretical frameworks for understanding and situating PR practices.

    Operational concepts in PR ‘public / stakeholders, objectives, messages, channels, instruments.

    Public Relations as a 360º communication area :

    • Media Relations
    • Public Affairs
    • Crisis Management

    Stakeholders Management
    Image and Corporate Identity Management
    Event Management
    The Public Relations Plan.
    Analysis of Public Relations actions.

    • The preparation of a Public Relations plan. objectives, audiences, strategy for each audience.
    • Effectiveness and evaluation in PR ‘problematic, objectives, metrics, instruments.
  • Objectives


    • Develop an understanding of the theoretical framework of Public Relations and the scope of the function.
    • Understand the role of PRs in the communication strategies of organizations in general.
    • Question the purpose of the PRs in building the Organization's notority.
    • Sensitize students to specific application areas and issues.
    • Enable the student for PR practices through the creation of PR plans and their implementation.
    • Understand the complexity of the relationships that are established between the different stakeholders of the organization and how this influences corporate identity.
    • Understand the scope of corporate identity, its importance in reputation and how it is worked through Public Relations actions.
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