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    To understand relations between journalism and politics in its multidimensions that affects societies. To know the main political institutions in Portugal and the several political systems, government systems, and electoral systems. Learn about media's political coverage to be able to work in that area as a professional. 

    Know the rules to states political organization and acquire the skills to understand both political and information domains.

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  • Syllabus


    • Developments in the present Brazilian elections.
    • Politics and journalism. History of political thought.
    • The Public Sphere and Modern States.
    • Interaction between political and journalism fields.
    • Mediatization of politics.
    • Journalism as the fourth power? Watchdog Journalism.
    • Empirical learning on political dynamics - websites, facebook, twitter, etc.
    • Ideology, political journalism, and media analysis.
    • Political systems. Electoral systems. Government systems. The Portuguese rules.
  • Objectives


    Political Journalism will enable the student to fully understand media and political relations and the communication role in the present. The student will be prepare to work in that field either as a press officer or a political journalist. 

    The student will undestand the information process and its dynamic influence.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    There will be a continuos evaluation and a final test that weight 50% each for the final classification.

    If impose the classes will resume to distance learning.

  • References


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