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    The course unit Media Planning aims to provide students with knowledge in the area of advertising media management, media plans optimization and its effectiveness assessment.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Media Planning Concepts
    1. Advertising media characterization:
      1. Television
      2. Internet (Social Networks, Search, Display Ads)
      3. Outdoor advertising
      4. Radio
      5. Press
      6. Cinema
    2. Marketing Research applied to Media Planning
    3. Planning and implementing a media strategy
  • Objectives


    It is intended that students can analyze, understand, distinguish and interconnect the various agents and stages of the processes of marketing communication and media planning, in order to apply them in a media proposal.
    - Know the different stakeholders in the marketing communication process.
    - Understand the roles of the different advertising media supports.
    - Manage the different steps to develop a media plan.
    - Evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.


  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The adopted methodology values the articulation between a theoretical approach and a more practical action. Seeking to present and develop the syllabus contents through the use of expository theoretical-practical sessions, analysis and discussion of program themes based on actual advertising communication examples. The evaluation process is continuous and student's intervention in class is valued. The evaluation process will have:
             Individual assessment test (50%), Group work (30%), Class participation (10%), Challenges (10%)
    Final Assessment: students who do not succeed in the continuous evaluation can take exams in the assessment schedules defined by the institution.

  • References


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