Class Art, Culture and Communication

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    Through an introduction to sound-image and "audio-visual" relations, we will first consider cinema as an art of sound. We will also present a cross-thematic presentation of themes and issues where the instances of art, culture and communication intercept and interlace, with views and discussion of art documentaries about artists, and we will read and study critical texts on the work of these authors.

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  • Syllabus


    1. Introduction

    1.1. General notions of art, culture and communication

    1.2. Brief Historical Review of European and American Cultures in the 20th Century

    1.3. Presentation, analysis and discussion of the notions of modernity and contemporaneity
    2. Culture

    2.1. Deepening of issues related to the notion of culture

    2.2. The culture of origin and cultural diversity

    2.3. Culture and travel

    2.4. Centralities of cultural irradiation: The agony of European culture and the development of American culture

    3. Art

    3.1. Deepening of issues related to the notion of art

    3.2. Art as an exceptional social form

    3.3. Modernity and the avant-garde: ephemeral action and the rupture with tradition

    3.4. Contemporaneity: from neo-vanguards to postmodernism

    4. Communication

    4.1. Importance of the media in the articulation between art and culture

    4.2. The communication society, contemporary thought and aesthetics

  • Objectives


    Understanding the importance of sound as medium and artistic object, particularly in cinema. Knowledge of the relationships between artistic creations and communication. Recognition of the artistic phenomenon as a cultural phenomenon. Recognition of the influence of technique on artistic production. Analysis of the works in a cross perspective (artistic, cultural and communicative).

  • References


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    GIL, José (2005). Escritos sobre arte e artistas. Lisboa, Portugal: Relógio D¿Água



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