Class Contemporary Artistic Perspectives II

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    Introduction to the Portuguese artistic system in the context of world art

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  • Syllabus


    1. Most relevant portuguese artist

    2. Discussion and analysis of portfolios

    3. Arts mediation (promotion and dissemination)

    4. Arts management

    5. Curating and programming

    6. Arts market

    7. The main show cases, fairs and biennales

  • Objectives


    In a society increasingly competitive the artist in it inserted should be able to know all the themes and mechanisms with which his artista work is in connection.

    Thus, the objectives of the discipline are to identify the various aspects of contemporary art; the theming and pragmatic questioning of its key concepts; to acquire critical and analytical skills; the identification of nuclear paradigms of contemporary artistic debate; recognition of their plural relationships.


    It is also objective of the course to provide students with a level of understanding of the contemporary art world (artists, instruments and systems) enabling them to develop their autonomous projects.


    Thus, taking into account the learning based on observation of good practices and exchange of experiences the analysis and dialogue will be encouraged, providing students with material for reflection regarding the development of future projects

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Besides the theoretical exposition of the various contexts to be address at the discipline, institutions, cultural mediators and artists will be invited in class, sharing with students his experience, exposing their work and projects, to generate discussion on a critical perspective encouraging reflection and learning, in accordance with the general lines of the program.

    The contact between institutions, artists and mediators will be made also by displacing students to the institutions and studios.

    Attendance and reports will have a major importance in the context of the discipline. The final work will consist in developing a project on the work of one of the guest artists.

    Evaluation: Attendance 20% + Reports 40% + Final work (project) 40%

  • References


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