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Master in Physical Exercise and Well-Being

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports


Ministerial Decree nº 26210/2009 of 30 November

A3ES Decision


Decision date


A3ES Decision

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Master | 4 Semesters | 120 ECTS

Programme Director

Professor Doutor António João Labisa da Silva Palmeira


Inês Sousa

Entrance Conditions

The following may apply for the Master's Degree:
a) People who hold a B.A. or equivalent degree;
b) People who hold a foreign academic degree awarded after a 1st study cycle organized according to the Bologna Process by a member state of that process;
c) People who hold a foreign academic degree acknowledged as a degree satisfying the objectives of the graduate degree by the due body;
d) People who have a school, scientific or professional curriculum acknowledged by the due body of ULHT certifying the capacity to obtain this study cycle.

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 120 ECTS


It is normal to associate exercise with health and well-being. Hippocrates, father of medicine, recognised this in his texts when he wrote ¿Food alone is not enough to keep Man healthy, for he also needs to exercise¿¿. Presently, society places on exercise professionals the responsibility for compensating the sedentary lifestyle promoted by the current socio-cultural context. With the advent of epidemics, like obesity and cardiovascular disease, the role destined for this professional class as a guarantor of a healthy society becomes clear.

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

This Degree comes with the goal of preparing future exercise professional for this task, based on the development of autonomous knowledge update, as well as of permanent critical analysis on its practices and the practices of those that surround them. The performance principle to be worked in this degree is founded on a professional practice based on evidence, mirroring the current trend in the area of health and well-being, which will allow an effective integration in multidisciplinary teams in clinical or gym contexts. For a greater training specificity, two specialisations were created:
a) Exercise, Nutrition and Health, that looks at providing answers to work closer to the clinical context, or in strict connection with it, but in gym or health club contexts; and
b) Fitness, that will allow for a training directed specifically to the professionals that are developing their activity (or intend to in the future) in gym and health club contexts.
In a work market of great potential and expansion, where the demand for specialised training is greater and greater, the differentiation and success of a career will be strongly conditioned by the competences acquired in a university context.

Further Studies

Specialisation and post-graduation programs, including 3rd cycle programs referring to PhD studies.

Scientific Areas


Study Plan

Ministerial Decree nº 26210/2009 of 30 November
1st Year/ Core CurriculumSemester ECTS
Nutrition and Physical ActivityFirst Semester8
Physical Exercise Planning and Prescription to Promote Health and Well-BeingFirst Semester10
Physiology of EffortFirst Semester5
Research Methods and Techniques in Physical Exercise and Well-beingFirst Semester8
Exercise and Health PsychologySecond Semester5
Scientific Research Theory and MethodologySecond Semester4
1st Year/ Exercise, Nutrition and Health Semester ECTS
Option 1Second Semester3
Physical Exercise, Nutrition and Cardiovascular HealthSecond Semester7
Physical Exercise, Nutrition, Obesity and Metabolic DiseasesSecond Semester7
1st Year/ Fitness Semester ECTS
Group ActivitiesSecond Semester7
Individual ActivitiesSecond Semester7
Option 1Second Semester3
2nd Year/ Core CurriculumSemester ECTS
Dissertation or InternshipYearly60

Teaching staff

Teachers, Academic Degree and Dedication time
LecturerAcademic DegreesDedication time
Ana Catarina Francisco Nunes MatiasDoctoratePart-Time
António João Labisa Da Silva Palmeira DoctorateFull-Time
Carla Cristina Gonçalves GasparMasterPart-Time
Cipriano Pires JustoDoctoratePart-Time
Cláudia Sofia Ferreira Correia MindericoDoctoratePart-Time
Diana De Aguiar Pereira Dos SantosDoctoratePart-Time
Diogo Dos Santos TeixeiraDoctorateFull-Time
Hugo Carlos Fernandes Vieira PereiraMasterPart-Time
Ines Chaparro Roque Dos SantosMasterPart-Time
Luís Filipe Emílio CercaMasterFull-Time
Marlene Nunes Da SilvaDoctoratePart-Time
Pedro Alexandre Barracha Da Guerra JúdiceDoctoratePart-Time
Raquel Maria Dos Santos Barreto Sajara MadeiraDoctorateFull-Time
Ricardo SilvestreDoctoratePart-Time
Rodrigo Miguel Arsénio Dos Santos RuivoDoctoratePart-Time
Sérgio Ricardo Silva VelosoMasterPart-Time
Sofia Cristina Carreiras FonsecaDoctorateFull-Time
Susana Maria Mariano Dos Santos VelosoDoctorateFull-Time


Early Apllications (for enrolled students only) 0 €
External Students 0 €
Holders of Foreign Higher Education 300 €
Holders of University Degree 126 €
Holders of University Degree - Alumni 0 €
Student Insurance40 €
Enrollment and Registration184 €
Average value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 175,2 €
Per ECTS 5,84 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force