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Master in Risks and Violence in Today Societies: Analysis and Social Intervention

Social Services Institute

A3ES Decision


Decision date


A3ES Decision

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Master | 4 Semesters | 120 ECTS

Programme Director

Prof.ª Doutora Marlene Braz Rodrigues


Sandra Guedes Abrantes

Entrance Conditions

The following may apply for the Master's Degree:
a) People who hold a B.A. or equivalent degree;
b) People who hold a foreign academic degree awarded after a 1st study cycle organized according to the Bologna Process by a member state of that process;
c) People who hold a foreign academic degree acknowledged as a degree satisfying the objectives of the graduate degree by the due body;
d) People who have a school, scientific or professional curriculum acknowledged by the due body of ULHT certifying the capacity to obtain this study cycle.

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 120 ECTS


This 2nd cycle aims at developing research skills, as well as the expertise and acquisition of competences for intervention in this area.
The 2nd cycle Risks and violence in current societies: Analysis and Social Intervention with a total of 120 credit units (ECTS), has the duration of 2 to 4 semesters (from November 2009). The study plan is organised around common CUs (1st semester) that allows for capturing the main theoretical matrices. The set of more specific CUs (2nd semester), will substantiate in two specialisations in the following variants: Children and Youth in Risk of Domestic Violence. The last 2 semesters essentially aim at making and developing a research or internship project in order for the defence of dissertation or internship report

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

Endow the master¿s students with a capacity for critical thinking and logical-scientific argumentation around the issues related with these phenomena.
Provide trans-disciplinary approaches of the problems of children and youth, women and elderly in a context of violence.
Reflect on the strategies of intervention and adequate methods and techniques for the development of preventive dynamics and auto-determination of the target population.
Endow the master¿s student for the investigation and consequent intervention and critique.

Further Studies

Specialisation and post-graduation programs, including 3rd cycle programs referring to PhD studies.

Occupacional Profiles

Entities and public or private Bodies (Committees for the Protection of Children and Youth in Danger, Police and Security Authorities, Centres for the support of victims of violence, Institute of Social reinsertion, Family and Minor's Courts, Associations for the Protection to Victims of Domestic Violence, City Halls, Parishes, Hospitals, Health Centres, IPSS, etc.)

Scientific Areas

Serviços sociais

Study Plan

1st Year/ Semester ECTS
Advanced Methods of ResearchFirst Semester6
Aggression, Conflict and Violence(s)First Semester6
Option IFirst Semester6
First Semester6
First Semester6
Option IISecond Semester6
ProjectSecond Semester6
Second Semester6
Second Semester6
Second Semester6
2nd Year/ Semester ECTS
Research SeminarYearly15

Teaching staff

Teachers, Academic Degree and Dedication time
LecturerAcademic DegreesDedication time
Carla Marina Da Cunha RibeirinhoMasterFull-Time
Elizabeth Gaspar Di PaoloMasterPart-Time
Fátima Cristina Da Silva Ribeiro GameiroDoctoratePart-Time
Helia Augusta De Magalhães Correia Brancons CarneiroDoctorateFull-Time
Marlene Braz Rodrigues DoctorateFull-Time
Paula Cristina Nobre De DeusMasterPart-Time
Paula Cristina Nobre De DeusMasterPart-Time


Early Apllications (for enrolled students only) 0 €
External Students 0 €
Holders of Foreign Higher Education 300 €
Holders of University Degree 126 €
Holders of University Degree - Alumni 0 €
Student Insurance40 €
Enrollment and Registration184 €
Average value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 235,2 €
Per ECTS 7,84 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force