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The Governance Models reflected in ULusófona's International Magazine of Cinema and Media Arts

20.04.23 - 10h32

The Editorial Board of the International Journal of Film and Media Arts is pleased to announce the special issue has just been published. The IJFMA Vol. 7 No. 3 issue reflects both FilmEU and other European Alliances discussions on the topic of the Future Governance Models of European Universities in view of several societal, legal, regulatory, technological and cultural transformations.

"This issue also signals the Journal ambition of increasing its ability to, not only focus on topics and outcomes of artistic research or other film related research outcomes, but also include in some of its special issues a focus on topics that are relevant either to the film and media arts educational sector or the film and media industry."
Manuel José Damásio, IJFMA Editor

The issue features several contributions that either take a more theoretical and critical stance at the topic or present exemplary cases studies for the comprehension of the state of the art and the benchmark of the situation in Europe against other geographies and in particular the USA. Work on this special issue directly stemmed from an international conference precisely on the topic of the Governance of Higher education institutions and European Universities in particular, FilmEU organized in 2022 with Brussels with the support and hosting of FilmEU full partner LUCA School of Arts.

The issue is open access. You can read it here.


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