Reflection on the Impact of the April Revolution on Higher Education

The conference highlighted the impact of the Revolutions on education, architecture and theatre

17.05.24 - 18h00

As part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, a major event was held at Lusófona University entitled "University and Democracy - Commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April". The purpose of this event was to reflect on the impact of the April revolutions on the higher education scenario in Portugal.

The conference, organised by the Rectory of Lusófona University, began with a speech by Professor Manuel Damásio, whose words were passed on by Professor Paulo Lopes. Professor Damásio addressed the topic "25 April in Higher Education and the Lusófona University Project", sharing his personal experience and highlighting the significance of the post-25 April period for him and for the institution.

Then the magnificent Rector José de Bragança de Miranda gave a speech on "The University as a Democratic Space", emphasising that the University is a pillar of freedom and democracy. He emphasised the Lusophone University's commitment to these values, including its expansion into Portuguese-speaking countries, stating that "democracy does not exist without a university and a university expands democracy".

Another important moment of the event was the speech by Professor Pedro Ramalho, who addressed the topic "25 April and the Training of Architects". The professor discussed the impact of the April Revolution on the training of architects, highlighting the significant reform in architectural education that took place in 1977, after years of demands.

The conference also included the participation of Professor Jorge Pinto, who discussed the relationship between the "Revolution and the Theatre".

This cycle of conferences offers an opportunity to reflect on the lasting impact of the April Revolution on the Portuguese education sector, emphasising the importance of democracy, freedom and plurality in the university context and in the future of society.

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Ana Machado

Ana Machado

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