5th "Coves of Life" International Congress

Event explores the intersections of Psychology, Criminology and Education

17.05.24 - 17h36

The Association for Legal Psychology Intervention (PSIJUS), in partnership with the Faculty of Law of Lusófona University and other national organisations, held its 5th International Congress on 10 and 11 April. The event, entitled "Coves of Life", created a space for reflection and debate on the complex issues surrounding legal psychology, criminology and education today.

Bringing together experts from Portugal, Spain and South American nations, the congress aimed not only to identify but also to propose solutions to the multifaceted challenges facing contemporary society.

Among the speakers at the event were figures such as Professor Alberto Pintado, recognised for his contributions to legal psychology, and Professor Maria Cunha Louro, an authority on criminology. They were joined by Dr David Ramirez, a specialist in education and social development; Professor Dr Hermano do Carmo, with vast experience in forensic psychology; and Dr Josean Echauri Tijeras, bringing his approach to issues of social justice and human rights.

During two days of lectures, panels and workshops, participants had the opportunity to make connections with colleagues and experts from all over the world, creating an interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.


See photos of the event on ULusófona's Facebook page

Matilde César

Video (Coverage)
Vera Alcobia e Catarina Castanheira

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