5th Critical Thinking Day Workshop

Proposals implemented in inter-institutional groups with fellow national institutions

20.05.24 - 15h39

On 19 April, Universidade Lusófona held the 2nd part of the ‘5th Edition of Critical Thinking Day’ event, which not only challenged and inspired students from all areas and study cycles, but also confronted them with other perspectives in order to rethink how to tackle real-world problems.

The conference, organised by the Rectory of Lusófona University, began with a speech by Professor Manuel Damásio, whose words were passed on by Professor Paulo Lopes. Professor Damásio addressed the topic ‘25 April in Higher Education and the Lusófona University Project’, sharing his personal experience and highlighting the significance of the post-25 April period for him and for the institution.

The workshop-style opportunity promoted a marathon of innovative ideas and creative solutions, with more than 100 students taking part. During the event and the proposed activities, the participants were divided into groups, each focussed on one of the real issues presented. The groups worked on issues ranging from environmental sustainability to contemporary socio-economic challenges.

Finally, the solutions developed by each group were presented. The students shared their visionary proposals, demonstrating a good development of the concepts of critical and creative thinking, but also a commitment to solving real-world problems.

See photos of the event on ULusófona's Facebook page

Marta Feiteira

Nelson Barradas

Nelson Barradas


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