A3ES Certify ULusófona's Internal Quality System for 6 Years

The certification recognizes and encourages the quality assurance processes at Universidade Lusófona.

13.07.23 - 17h59

A3ES - Agency for the Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education, has just re-certified the internal quality assurance system (SIGQ) of Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário Lisboa, for another 6 years. Universidade Lusófona thus maintains its position among a number of higher education institutions in Portugal that have certified internal quality assurance systems. The SIGQ certification of Universidade Lusófona is another fundamental step towards the consolidation of our educational project and the affirmation of its quality in the national and European context, thus proving once again the prominent place that our University occupies today in the panorama national.

The certification of the internal quality assurance system represents for the Lusófona University the external recognition of the implementation of its own quality assurance system, an essential instrument of the national and European quality assurance system, and the fulfillment of a precondition for the simplification of procedures in the processes of external evaluation and accreditation of institutions and courses.

The certification of the internal quality assurance system is a challenge and a stimulus to deepen and improve the work that has been carried out by teachers, non-teaching staff, students and other stakeholders in the construction of a great University in the Portuguese space , Portuguese-speaking and European, for the quality it knows how to progressively improve and demonstrate.



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