ULusófona - CUP Was the Stage for Employability Days

Through these events, ULusófona is boosting the employability of the students present.

27.02.24 - 10h09

The Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário Porto, held an event on February 20th with the aim of enhancing the employability of its students. The EVA Journeys (Internship, Active Life and Lifelong Training) provided a unique opportunity for participants to learn more about the services offered by EVA, dedicated to supporting and connecting students and graduates with the job market.

The event began with a detailed presentation of EVA, highlighting its crucial role in the integration of students into the job market. It was also announced that a fair will be held, scheduled for March 20th, in the university center of Porto, where several companies will present job offers.

EVA is not limited to assisting only in curricular, extracurricular and professional internships, but also offers support in lifelong training, including postgraduate studies. In addition, the service collaborates in the development of the curriculum, always being accessible free of charge.

One of the highlights of these days was the presence of the company Adecco, a world leader in human resources, which conducted a brief workshop covering tips for building CVs, interview techniques and other topics related to employability. During the session, Adecco emphasized the importance of students asking themselves questions about their identity, their company preferences and the offers that make sense for their professional trajectory.

At the workshop, participants received detailed guidance on how to prepare CVs, considering them as an extension of their identity and the first contact with employers. Effective communication techniques for interviews were also shared.

The event ended with an opportunity for students to clarify doubts and a reflective message: "Who am I? What is the path I want to follow? And where am I on this path?" – encouraging deep self-reflection on their academic and professional trajectories.


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