Fazer+ Program: Support for Science and Innovation - 2023 Edition

Support and award activities and projects that reinforce research and innovation capacity.

15.03.23 - 17h31

Lusófona Ensino launches the 4th edition of "FAZER +: Science and Innovation Support Program", whose objective is to support and reward activities and projects that reinforce the capacity for research and innovation in Lusóphone Teaching establishments.

This Program consists of a contest and two prizes and applications are open until May 31, 2023.

All applications must be formalized by; May 31, 2023, to ILIND email address (

"Excellence in Research" Competition

The competition is intended to finance innovative projects, preferably with a strong interdisciplinary component in any area of knowledge that may result in larger-scale projects to be submitted for funding by other entities.

Fund available: €62.500

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"Best Innovative Pedagogical Practice" Award

The competition aims to reward the integration into the contents and curricular activities of units of any level of training, of innovative processes that encourage experimentation, group work and cross-sectional work, based on a mixed system of face-to-face and distance learning , in order to encourage self-learning and inclusive work.

Available budget:
€5.000 (five thousand euros) if the application has been made individually;
€8.500 (eight thousand five hundred euros) if the application was made in a group.

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"Good Research Practices in Teaching" Award

The competition is intended to reward the best integration processes of R&D practices) in the contents of curricular units [UC] that promote the integration of students in (R&D) activities, preferably in the initial study cycles.

Fund available: €4.500

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