Get to know SATA | Technical-Administrative Support Service

At Universidade Lusófona, we offer support throughout students' academic career.

30.11.23 - 15h01

Universidade Lusófona provides services to make information more accessible to applicants and students, when necessary.

- SIGA and SATA? What is the difference between these services?

SIGA - Serviço Integrado de Gestão de Alunos (Integrated Student Management Service) is the service where applicants, students or anyone looking for information can deal with administrative, financial, mobility or social action issues and request information about the University and its courses in an integrated way. This service brought together the services of the academic services, the treasury, sase and the support office for applicants and integrated everything into a service focused on customer service.

The Technical-Administrative Support Service (SATA) in each school and faculty is responsible for dealing with the needs of students and teachers.

This service has a number of functions, including:

  • The realization of the academic timetable;
  • Direct communication with teachers, helping them with administrative and pedagogical tasks (checking summaries, support in the process of posting grades).
  • In collaboration with the management, they organize pedagogical and scientific meetings.
  • The organization of events, academic, curricular and extracurricular activities for each course.
  • Validating the documentation submitted by master's and doctoral candidates, supporting the course evaluation committee in the selection process.

SATA, therefore, is the support offer from the beginning to the end of the academic journey of the students of each school and faculty.

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