Latest Practices and Trends at the 11th Communication Week

The week was dedicated especially to ECATI students through a wide range of activities

03.04.24 - 12h01

The School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Technologies (ECATI) organized another edition of one of the main events of the year between the 11th and 15th of March.

The 11th Communication, Arts and Technologies Week gave rise to a wide range of activities, from conferences to workshops, lectures and workshops, which explore different aspects of Communication Sciences. During this week, students, teachers and industry professionals had the opportunity to engage in debates and colloquiums on relevant topics, including journalism, marketing, advertising, arts and digital media.

This year's program offered a variety of sessions, addressing current and emerging issues in the field of communication. From advertising to the role of women in newsrooms, through the evolution of podcasts and the influence of social networks on elections, participants accessed valuable discussions and analyses, presented by experts who are references in their fields.

The workshops and workshops provided practical learning opportunities, allowing us to improve skills and knowledge in specific areas of communication and technology. Additionally, the week also featured masterclass sessions, where participants received valuable insights from experienced professionals.

It was an enriching moment to connect with the latest trends and practices in the field of communication, arts and technologies. The 11th Communication, Arts and Technologies Week is an educational and inspiring experience for everyone involved.

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  • Matilde César
  • Beatriz Banha
  • Marta Feiteira

Video coverage

  • Catarina Castanheira
  • Carolina Cebanu
  • Francisco Souza
  • Nelson Barradas
  • Vera Alcobia


  • Nelson Barradas


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