Marketing Days 2023

Marketing Days celebrates creativity in communication in its tenth edition

28.11.23 - 10h47

The tenth edition of Marketing Days was successfully held on 17 November. The event focused on creativity in communication as its central theme, while also celebrating the importance of innovation in the business world.

The first guest, Cláudio Rodrigues, shared his success story, attributing it to the courage to face challenges alone and take risks. He initially stood out in the context of Guimarães, later contributing to the capital of culture, with the aim of transforming Braga into the Capital of Culture 2027. Cláudio explained that his creativity is based on finding inspiration in his surroundings.

Marília Freitas, the second guest, shared her transition from eight years in journalism to marketing at LTPlabs. Initially focussed on social media, she now plays a broader role. The company she works for is dedicated to analysing the market, predicting trends and adapting to consumer behaviour. Marília emphasised the importance of adapting communication according to objectives, using practical examples on the website, business on LinkedIn and culture on Instagram.

Patrícia Soares da Costa focussed her speech on the search for success in the age of creativity, pointing out that a brand goes beyond the logo and is a complex system made up of various elements which, when integrated, form the brand's unique identity.

The last guest, Marta Ramada Leite, entrepreneur and creator of the Craft Gardens brand, shared her innovative vision of the market. Despite being a recent project, the brand already has a presence in the media, thanks to original communication on the website and social networks.

This year's Marketing Days provided a deep immersion in the importance of creativity in communication, offering valuable insights for students, professionals and companies in the marketing field. The event was a success, bringing together creative and inspiring professionals to share their experiences and perspectives on the world of marketing.


To consult the photographic record, click here.

Find out more in the YouTube video here.


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