Political Parties Debate the Future of Young People

Different Political Sides Discuss the Future of Young People in a Dynamic and Inclusive Dialogue

27.02.24 - 16h00

On February 20th, the Lusófona University - University Center of Porto, hosted a crucial debate among the parties that will run in the upcoming March 10th elections. This event brought together the youth representatives of the PS, AD, CHEGA, IL, PCP, BE, PAN, and LIVRE parties, providing a platform to discuss the major concerns of the young population.

The debate panel featured Rui Teixeira (PS), Bruno Bessa (AD), Francisco Pereira Araújo (CHEGA), João Alves Ambrósio (IL), Martim Magalhães (PCP), António Soares (BE), Rodrigo Campos Reis (PAN), and Raquel Pichel (LIVRE). The moderation was handled by Ana Gonçalves and João Tavares, who conducted the dialogue impartially and dynamically.

Crucial topics were addressed during the debate, including housing, emigration, unemployment, the future of the youth, taxes, and income. Housing emerged as a central point of concern, highlighting the difficulties young people face in accessing affordable and quality housing. The future of the youth was discussed, encompassing educational issues, innovation, and the creation of opportunities for the new generation. The discussion on taxes and income provided a detailed debate on the tax burden and the necessary measures to ensure an equitable distribution of resources.

The debate transcended mere exchange of ideas among political representatives, also allowing students to directly express their questions and concerns to the political representatives. This initiative not only represented a dialogue among parties but also configured itself as an inclusive and accessible space for all participants.

Events like this play an extremely relevant role, as they not only enrich the academic environment but also empower students to actively participate in shaping the future of society. Additionally, they serve a crucial function in developing the political vision of the youth, providing them with a deeper and more informed understanding of the issues that shape the current political landscape.

See photos of the event on ULusófona's Facebook page.


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