Portugal in Europe: Informative Debate for Students

The Relevance of the European elections under discussion at ULusófona

17.06.24 - 15h51

A political debate was held focusing on the parties' proposals for the European elections that took place last June. The event, aimed at students, aimed to clarify the importance of the European elections and explore the proposals of different political groups.

The debate included representatives from various parties such as: Iniciativa Liberal (Paulo Alcarva), Aliança Democrática (Sérgio Humberto), Partido Socialista (Francisco Assis), Bloco de Esquerda (José Pureza), and Chega (Mariana Nina).

One of the issues discussed was migration, a frequently underestimated topic. Despite Portugal having a long tradition of welcoming immigrants, it is necessary to discuss migration not only as a national problem but also as a European issue. This debate allowed clarification of the positions of the parties present and demonstrated that it is possible to have orderly dialogue and exchange of ideas, where each defends their position but also leaves room for consensus.

The different parties left a final message, with Mariana Nina, representative of Chega, emphasizing the necessity of conflict, stating that evolution arises through the discussion of ideas. She highlighted the importance of not giving up on identity and the right to difference, arguing that integrations should not make everyone the same. Paulo Alcarva, from Iniciativa Liberal, emphasized that the mobility of people should be complemented with knowledge, reinforcing the importance of a space of union and freedom. Sérgio Humberto, from Aliança Democrática, highlighted that democracy, the future of businesses, youth, and the environment are at stake. Francisco Assis, from Partido Socialista, stated that Europe makes each country stronger, highlighting the challenges of a more united Europe. José Pureza, from Bloco de Esquerda, addressed climate change, advocating for profound transformations and concrete decisions in combating it.

The debate provided an opportunity for students to understand the importance of the European elections and learn about the different political perspectives on crucial issues for the future of Europe.

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