Public Policies and Inclusive Education | International Symposium

Its aim was to exchange experiences between Brazil and Portugal.

04.12.23 - 16h56

The symposium was the result of a partnership between Lusófona University, Vindas Educação Internacional and the Rodrigo Mendes Institute, located in Brazil. 

The event began by welcoming those in attendance, and throughout it, there were a number of lectures given by different speakers. There was also a period of time set aside to debate or even raise questions that had arisen and/or remained. And, as the final moment of the event, there was a bilateral meeting with a presentation by the CRI - Lisbon Resource Center for Inclusion and the Santarém Resource Center for Information and Communication Technologies for Special Education, as well as the Bengala Mágica Association and the National Association of Special Education Teachers. 

See photos of the event here


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