Debating the Contributions of Mário Mesquita to the Teaching of Journalism

First tribute from Lusófona University that aims to continue the work of Mário Mesquita.

23.11.22 - 09h57

The session of sharing and homage to Mário Mesquita, founder of the PS, university professor and journalist who died in May of this year, took place on the 4th of November at the Agostinho da Silva Auditorium. Several figures of Portuguese journalism, teachers, students, friends and family of the honoree were present.

The Opening Session was attended by PhD professors from Lusófona University and Mário Mesquita's work colleagues, followed by Fátima Campos Ferreira providing the evocation and some of the challenges of Journalism Teaching in Portugal were discussed, as well as some of Mário's contributions Mesquita as a pioneer in relation to journalistic studies, what is happening in the country in terms of university training for journalists and what is expected of the future.

There was also the launch of the book “Introduction to the Analysis of Press Titles”, which publishes a text by Mário Mesquita that has circulated and been used in the Academy for about 30 years, with the aim of sharing his teachings, convey his importance to journalistic studies in Portugal and also as a way of thanking him for the years he was a member of the Faculty of Lusófona University.

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