Science and Innovation Made In ULusófona

The event showcased the research work of the different Organisational Units and their respective Research and Development Units.

18.09.23 - 11h37

The Lusófono Institute of Research and Development (ILIND) promoted, on September 12th, the 1st; edition of the event “Create Science and Make Innovation made in Lusófona”.

In a world in constant change, it is It is crucial that academia, the center of change and knowledge transfer, follows and explores this transformation. Therefore, this session's primary purpose was to publicize some of the research that aims to help achieve individual and societal well-being.

The interventions at this event focused mainly on the most recent research projects which, in some cases, have financial support and have national and international partners.

The guests at this event were:

  • José Manuel Damásio, ILIND (0000-0002-1046-2263);
  • Diana Dias, Pro-Rector for Research (0000-0003-2067-5243);
  • Ana Cunha, Executive Director of ILIND (0000-0003-2522-402X);
  • Teresa Vila Fernandes, Directorate of Laboratories and Technology Transfer Centers (0000-0002-1358-1372);
  • Patricia Rijo, CBIOS (0000-0001-7992-8343);
  • Fábio Santos, FMV (0000-0002-0696-7322);
  • Sergiy Lyubchyk, FE (0000-0001-6323-938)
  • Raquel Vasconcelos, EPCV (0000-0003-1836-7647)
  • Timóteo Rodrigues, ECATI (0000-0003-2861-0604)
  • Carolina Martins, Cicant (0000-0002-0895-9393)
  • Rita Carvalho, COW
  • Pedro Gamito, HEI-Lab (0000-0003-0585-8447)
  • Paulo Ferreira, Cicant (0000-0003-1142-3538)

See photos from the event Here


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