Seminar at Lusófona University discusses the Challenges of Social Work

Event brought together experts to discuss the role and prospects of the profession in Portugal

17.06.24 - 13h00

The Lusófona University hosted a seminar dedicated to the contemporary challenges faced by social work, addressing crucial issues such as poverty, inequality and discrimination. The event, organized by Faculty of Economic, Social and Empresa (FCESE), took place simultaneously in the university centers of Porto and Lisbon, providing a deep space for reflection on the importance of social service in today's society. This event is part of the social service institute's core initiatives for the 2nd semester.

The program included a diverse panel of speakers, such as Carlos Poiares, Diana da Silva Dias, António Costa Pinto, Hélia Bracons, Cristiana Dias de Almeida, Ana Paula Caetano, José António Pinto, Rita Valadas, Paula Ferreira, Fernanda Rodrigues, Mónica Teixeira, Carla Pinto, Manuel Albano, Jorge Barbosa, Eva Chaves, Helena Neves Almeida and Ana Paula Garcia.

Highlight topics were covered such as "Social Service: the Head in Utopia and the Feet on Earth", presented by Professor Fernanda Rodrigues, recognized for her significant theoretical contribution. During her session, Fernanda Rodrigues explained that social work maintains a utopian vision that social change is possible, although it is rooted in the reality of persistent inequalities in society.

Another crucial theme was explored by Professor Manuel Albano in "Social Service, how to Perspective Change?", where he discussed how change is not always easy and can be painful, but is essential for social progress, adding the role of social work professionals as agents of change capable of catalyzing significant transformations.

This seminar provided a space for reflection and sharing of knowledge, reaffirming the commitment of Universidade Lusófona and FCESE to the advancement of social services in Portugal. The discussions and perspectives shared during the event are essential to face the current and future challenges of the profession, promoting a fairer and more equitable society.

See photos of the event on ULusófona's Facebook Page


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