Social Housing and the Role of CASFIG in Guimarães

The Open Class highlighted topics such as municipal initiatives in the field of social housing.

27.11.23 - 14h24

On November 23rd, Lusófona University organized an open lecture that focused on the issue of social housing in Guimarães, highlighting the fundamental role of CASFIG (Coordination of the Social and Financial Scope of Housing in the Municipality of Guimarães). 

The event featured Dr. Ivone Ribeiro, Social Worker at Guimarães City Council, as the main speaker. Taking into account local needs, she gave a comprehensive overview of CASFIG's actions and impact on the management of municipal real estate, with a special focus on social housing. 

During the class, the students had the opportunity to share their research on social housing in Guimarães, thus encouraging debate and making the class more dynamic.  

CASFIG, whose mission is to promote and manage municipal real estate, not only guarantees maintenance and develops social projects, but also takes responsibility for the municipality's housing shortages. The allocation of social housing, the municipal rental subsidy and technical support for applications to the Porta 65 program are some of the measures implemented by the entity. 

During the open class, topics such as:

  • The development of social housing in Guimarães;
  • The history and evolution of CASFIG;
  • Municipal initiatives in the field of social housing;

In addressing them, Dr. Ivone stressed the importance of social workers as mediators and emphasized the need to create empathy with families. 

CASFIG, aligned with the concern for the right to decent housing for every citizen, plays a crucial role in guaranteeing this fundamental right, as established by the Constitution.  

This open class contributed significantly to clarifying issues related to social housing, highlighting CASFIG's role in helping various Portuguese families, promoting more dignified living conditions and facilitating access to social housing. 

See photos of the event here




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