Discussion on the Importance and Future of Human Rights

ULusófona hosts the XVI International Congress on Human Rights

21.02.24 - 14h30

On 21 February, Universidade Lusófona - Porto University Centre hosted the sixteenth edition of the International Human Rights Congress. This event, dedicated to reflecting on the relevance of human rights, played a crucial role in the face of the uncertainties that permeate the future, thus reaffirming the commitment to preserving the interests of future generations.

The first panel, entitled "Freedom, Democracy and the Foundations of Human Rights", featured an analysis by Magistrate Marco Villas Boas on the impacts of neoliberal rationality on the state, democracy and individual freedom. Professor Antônio Carlos dos Santos then gave a reading of the foundations of John Locke, and Professor Paulo de Brito closed the panel by highlighting the protection of human rights in the Portuguese Constitution. Professor Dr Lígia Carvalho Abreu was moderator.

The second panel, entitled "The Human Rights of the Human Person and of Peoples", covered discussions on the law of Sephardic return by Professor Francisco Ferreira, legal pluralism and the rights of indigenous peoples by Professor Luísa Barrios, and the human rights of children, presented by Professor Joana Medeiros. Professor Francisco Ferreira moderated the debates.

At the third panel, "Criminal Law and Human Rights", Professor Inês Godinho explored the meaning of the principle of criminal legality, Professor Alexandra Vilela discussed the time limits of deprivation of liberty, Professor Tarsis Barreto Oliveira addressed social reintegration in the Brazilian prison system, and Professor Bruno de Oliveira Moura discussed the crime of domestic violence. The moderator was Professor Catherine Maia.

The last panel, focussed on "The Challenges of the Post-Social State and Human Rights", addressed crucial issues such as ethics in the use of artificial intelligence, the protection of health data, the right to health and social security, the challenges of the right to housing and the linking of human rights in the production chain of European companies. The panel was made up of magistrate Angela Issa Haonat and Professors Liziane Paixão Silva Oliveira, Rui Cascão, Maria do Rosário Anjos and Fábio Veiga. The congress was closed by the Organising and Scientific Committee, led by Professors Lígia Carvalho Abreu and Tarsis Barreto Oliveira.


The intense and enriching debates around each thematic panel consolidated the congress as a crucial space for dialogue and reflection on human rights. The commitment to the protection of fundamental rights solidified the importance of the event, making a significant contribution to the debate and the promotion of a fairer and more equitable society.


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