XXVI Film and Media Arts Week & Philoxénia

A unique opportunity for students of Visual Arts, Film and Design and Fashion Production

28.02.24 - 11h58

The XXVI Cinema and Media Arts & Philoxénia Week took place at Universidade Lusófona – Centro Universitário Lisboa, an event that took place between the 5th and 9th of February 2024. This event provided a variety of workshops, seminars, lectures and exclusive exhibitions for students of different courses related to visual arts, cinema, design and fashion production.

On the first day, February 5th, students had the opportunity to participate in several workshops, such as the Outdoor Car Workshop, the Marbling Workshop and the Cyanotype Workshop. Also noteworthy was the premiere of the film "Vadio", by Simão Cayatte, with the presence of the protagonist Rúben Simões.

On the second day, February 6, the agenda included a variety of activities, from music library presentations to cinematography seminars. In addition, there were a series of workshops, such as the Lighting Demonstration and the "Ebru Print" Workshop.

On the third day, February 7th, participants were able to enjoy more workshops, including Felting and Visual Dictation in groups, as well as conferences on topics such as "Sound in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" and film screenings followed by masterclasses with directors.

On the fourth day, February 8th, exclusive workshops for students continued, such as Renda das Lérias and Browzwear Workshop. There were also conferences on "The Future of Cinema: Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Film Creation".

On the last day, February 9th, highlights were visits to cultural sites, such as the CCB, and the holding of Z-Cam camera workshops. There were also moments of conviviality and presentations of student projects, thus ending the week dedicated to cinema and media arts.

This event was a unique opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge and skills in the various areas related to visual arts and cinema, contributing to the enrichment of their academic and professional career.


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