Class Teaching of Physical Education

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    The Curricular UnitTeaching Physical Education aims to promote planning skills in Physical Education, as well as instruction and feedback skills and demonstrate quality criteria for a Physical Education class.

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  • Syllabus


    S1. Planning in Physical Education and Sport

    - Annual and Didactic Unit planning, Class plan.

    S2. Design of learning tasks.

    - Information, refinement, extension and application tasks.

    - Didactic-methodological progressions.

    S3. Content Pedagogical Knowledge.

    - Different ways of representing and formulating content.

    - Analysis and design of teaching materials.

    S4. Instruction

    - Role, moments, strategies and factors that optimize the quality of the instruction.

    - Teaching reflection techniques; Assessment tools for the instructional process.

    S5. Pedagogical feedback and its role in learning: types and success criteria.

    S6. The assessment of learning in Physical Education.

    - Instruments, Moments and Evaluation Criteria.

    S7. Innovative instructional models and teaching styles for physical education teaching.

    - Mosston's teaching styles; Metzler's instructional models;


  • Objectives


    The learning objectives (LO) of the curricular unit (CU) Teaching Physical Education are:

    LO1) Know and apply planning processes of pedagogical activity in Physical Education;

    LO2) Establish didactic-methodological progressions of content in Physical Education;

    LO3) Recognize the importance and approaches of developing pedagogical content knowledge;

    LO4) Know, identify and reflect on good instructional practices in Physical Education.

    LO5) Know and identify good pedagogical feedback practices in Physical Education.

    LO6) Learn and develop assessment tools for learning in Physical Education;

    LO7) Foster an attitude of pedagogical innovation, through the knowledge of different styles of teaching.

    LO8) Know and identify different models and practices in Physical Education teaching.

  • Teaching methodologies and assessment

    Teaching methodologies and assessment

    The activities to be developed in TP classes include viewing pedagogical practice through audiovisual media and analyzing data obtained from observing teaching practice in a real context. The distance learning system will be used with the help of the Moodle platform so that support materials and practical exercises are available to students.

  • References


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