Hugo Miguel Bento Rebelo

Hugo Miguel Bento Rebelo
Nome Completo:
Hugo Miguel Bento Rebelo


Hugo Bento Rebelo is an Assistant Professor at Lusófona University, where he teaches courses related to mechanics and dynamics of structures. He holds a PhD in Civil (Structural) Engineering, with knowledge in the field of numerical simulation of blast effects and nonlinear structural response. Experience conducting experimental campaigns using explosive charges in a controlled environment and on the implementation of numerical tools for the simulation of structural components subjected to blast loads.


  • Mestrado
    Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Civil - Perfil de Estruturas
  • Licenciatura
    Licenciatura em Ciências de Engenharia Civil
  • Doutoramento
    Programa Doutoral em Engenharia Civil


Artigo em revista

  • 2021-08, Robustness assessment of a deterministically designed sacrificial cladding for structural protection, Engineering Structures
  • 2021-01, Low velocity impact response of 3D printed structures formed by cellular metamaterials and stiffening plates: PLA vs. PETg, Composite Structures
  • 2019, Exploratory study on geodesic domes under blast loads, International Journal of Protective Structures
  • 2019, Experimental and numerical investigation on 3D printed PLA sacrificial honeycomb cladding, International Journal of Impact Engineering


  • 2017, Numerical simulation of blast effects on fibre grout strengthened rc panels, Cismasiu, C.; Rebelo, H.B.; Lucio, V.J.G.; Goncalves, M.T.M.S.; Gomes, G.J.; Basto, J.P.F.

Tese / Dissertação

  • 2015, Mestrado, Numerical simulation of blast effects on fibre grout RC panels


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