Hugo Miguel Bento Rebelo

Hugo Miguel Bento Rebelo


Hugo Bento Rebelo is an Assistant Professor at Lusófona University, where he teaches courses related to mechanics and dynamics of structures. He holds a PhD in Civil (Structural) Engineering, with knowledge in the field of numerical simulation of blast effects and nonlinear structural response. Experience conducting experimental campaigns using explosive charges in a controlled environment and on the implementation of numerical tools for the simulation of structural components subjected to blast loads.


  • Mestrado
    Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Civil - Perfil de Estruturas
  • Licenciatura
    Licenciatura em Ciências de Engenharia Civil
  • Doutoramento
    Programa Doutoral em Engenharia Civil


Artigo em revista

  • 2021-08, Robustness assessment of a deterministically designed sacrificial cladding for structural protection, Engineering Structures
  • 2021-01, Low velocity impact response of 3D printed structures formed by cellular metamaterials and stiffening plates: PLA vs. PETg, Composite Structures
  • 2019, Exploratory study on geodesic domes under blast loads, International Journal of Protective Structures
  • 2019, Experimental and numerical investigation on 3D printed PLA sacrificial honeycomb cladding, International Journal of Impact Engineering

Tese / Dissertação

  • 2015, Mestrado, Numerical simulation of blast effects on fibre grout RC panels


  • 2017, Numerical simulation of blast effects on fibre grout strengthened rc panels, Cismasiu, C.; Rebelo, H.B.; Lucio, V.J.G.; Goncalves, M.T.M.S.; Gomes, G.J.; Basto, J.P.F.


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