João Miguel Lourenço De Oliveira Mariano

João Miguel Lourenço De Oliveira Mariano


  • Pós-Graduação
    Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
  • Doctor
  • Doutoramento
  • Mestrado integrado


Journal article

  • 2022-05-19, Too old for technology? Stereotype threat and technology use by older adults, Behaviour and Information Technology
  • 2021-12, Internet use by middle-aged and older adults: Longitudinal relationships with functional ability, social support, and self-perceptions of aging, Psychology and Aging
  • 2021-08, Cognitive functioning mediates the relationship between self-perceptions of aging and computer use behavior in late adulthood: Evidence from two longitudinal studies, Computers in Human Behavior
  • 2020-10-02, Too old for computers? The longitudinal relationship between stereotype threat and computer use by older adults, Frontiers in Psychology
  • 2020-04-08, Determinants of ageism against older adults: A systematic review, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  • 2018-04-23, Are you talking to the future me? The moderator role of future self-relevance on the effects of aging salience in retirement savings, Journal of Applied Social Psychology
  • 2016-08, Lisbon street campaign against ageism: A promising multi-stakeholder initiative, Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

Conference paper

  • 2017-07, Technology Experience Café: Enabling technology-driven social innovation for an ageing society, International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population (ITAP)


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