Maria Helena Silva Fino

Maria Helena Silva Fino


  • Licenciatura
    Ciências de Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores
  • Doutoramento
    Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores


Artigo em revista

  • 2024-02-12, Graphene Oxide, Carbon Nanotubes, and Polyelectrolytes-Based Impedanciometric E-Tongue for Estrogen Detection in Complex Matrices, Sensors
  • 2016-12, Verilog-A Inductor Compact Model for the Efficient Simulation of Class-D VCOs, International Journal of Microelectronics and Computer Science
  • 2014-03, Fully analytical characterization of the series inductance of tapered integrated inductors, International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications
  • 2014-01, Optimal LC-VCO design through evolutionary algorithms, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
  • 2013, On the dynamic rounding-off in analogue and RF optimal circuit sizing, International Journal of Electronics
  • 2013, Erratum to On the dynamic rounding-off in analogue and RF optimal circuit sizing (International Journal of Electronics, (2013), 10.1080/00207217.2013.784945), International Journal of Electronics
  • 2011-01-01, RF integrated inductor modeling and its application to optimization-based design, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
  • 2010, GADISI - Genetic algorithms applied to the automatic design of integrated spiral inductors, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology
  • 2010, Automatic generation of RF integrated inductors analytical characterization, 2010 11th International Workshop on Symbolic and Numerical Methods, Modeling and Applications to Circuit Design, SM2ACD 2010
  • 2009, Using discrete-variable optimization for CMOS spiral inductor design, Proceedings of the International Conference on Microelectronics, ICM
  • 2006, Modeling high frequency VCOs for sub-micron technologies, Proceedings of the Sixth International Caribbean Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems, ICCDCS 2006 - Final Program and Technical Digest
  • 2005, NMOS symmetric load ring VCOs modeling for submicron technologies, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
  • 2005, A simple submicron MOSFET model and its application to the analytical characterization of analog circuits, Proceedings of the 2005 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design
  • 2000, Symbolic techniques applied to switched-current ADCs synthesis, Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
  • 1998, SymbSI - a program for the symbolic signal flow graph generation of switched current circuits, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems
  • 1995, Automatic symbolic analysis of switched-capacitor filtering networks using signal flow graphs, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems

Tese / Dissertação

  • 2023, Mestrado, Development of a system for estrogen detection in complex matrices. Establishing an e-tongue for estrogen detection and developing a tool for data analysis
  • 2019, Mestrado, Memristor Based Logic Circuits
  • 2018, Mestrado, Development of Behavioral Models for Memristors
  • 2017, Mestrado, Desenvolvimento de modelo comportamental de PLLs e sua integração no ambiente CADENCE
  • 2013, Mestrado, Verification of analog circuits in power-down mode
  • 2013, Mestrado, Modeling of integrated inductors for RF circuit design
  • 2011, Mestrado, Projecto de filtros integrados gm-C para aplicações sem fios
  • 2005, Mestrado, Desenvolvimento de ambiente para a caracterização automática de PLLs

Capítulo de livro

  • 2015, Optimization-Based Design of RF-VCOs with Tapered Inductors, IGI Global
  • 2013, LC-VCO Design Challenges in the Nano-Era, Springer
  • 2012, Variability-Aware Optimization of RF Integrated Inductors in Nanometer-Scale Technologies, Springer
  • 2012, Symbolic Characterization of VCOs and its Application to Optimization Based Design, Bentham Science Publishers
  • 2011, A Technology-Aware Optimization of RF Integrated Inductors, 1, Nova Publishers

Artigo em conferência

  • Optimization-based Determination of TFT Contact Resistances in Python
  • 2023, ETDA a tool for the development of e-Tongues
  • 2022, Nanoelectronic Challenges and Opportunities for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • 2021-06-24, A Model-oriented Methodology for the Automatic Parameter Extraction of TFT Model
  • 2019, O projeto Desenvolvimento de Competências de Coordenação Pedagógica da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • 2018-12-27, Challenges in teaching electrical circuit analysis to millennials
  • 2018-06-22, On the use of modified Biolek window for Memristor modeling in VerilogA
  • 2014, Single-Objective Optimization Methodology for the Design of RF Integrated Inductors
  • 2013-01-01, Using Variable Width RF Integrated Inductors for Quality Factor Optimization
  • 2013-01-01, On the use of Compact modelling for RF/Analog Design Automation
  • 2012-01-01, Robust Optimization-Based High Frequency Gm-C Filter Design
  • 2012-01-01, RF Varactor Design Based on Evolutionary Algorithms
  • 2012-01-01, PSO-Based Design of RF Integrated Inductor
  • 2012-01-01, Optimization-Based Design of Nano-CMOS LC-VCOs
  • 2012-01-01, LC-VCO design methodology based on evolutionary algorithms
  • 2009-01-01, ADISI- An efficient tool for the automatic design of integrated spiral inductors
  • 2005, VCOSYM


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