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A3ES Decision


Decision date


A3ES Decision

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Bachelor | 6 Semesters | 180 ECTS

Programme Director

Prof. Doutor Fernando Baltazar Moreira Duarte


Manuela Duarte

Entrance Conditions

National access competition/tender:
Having completed the 12th grade;
A grade higher than 95 points (range 0-200), in the following group of entrance exams:
07- Physics and Chemistry and 16- Mathematics

Entry competition/tender:
Course changes;
In accordance with Decree 401/2007, of April 5.
Special competition/tender for those over the age of 23:
On completing 23 years of age by the 31st of December of the preceding year
Those not entitled access to higher education (if they have undertaken and been approved in the entrance test for the college they want to enter, they are entitled to the referred access).
Special competition/tender for higher education graduates and Diplomas in Specialized Technology:
(In accordance with Decree-Law No. 393-B/99, of 2 October;
In accordance with Ordinance No. 854-A/99, of 4 October;
In accordance with Decree-Law No. 88/2006, of May 23).

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 180 ECTS


This course of study mainly aims at providing a basic training in electronic engineering, as well as in the areas of Mathematics, Physics and Computation, that are essential to professional practice based in this area of knowledge as well as the continuation of training in a course of 2nd cycle in this area of engineering sciences. Thus, the conclusion of this course of study should enable the student to continue to attend a 2nd cycle (Masters) in Electronical Engineering, enter the workforce or advance in its career.
The aim is not to provide such training only to students who have completed secondary education in Portugal but also to students coming from Portuguese speaking countries and others who already have a career but who wish to complement their studies.
Other secondary objective of the course is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this area in Portugal and in all Portuguese speaking countries.

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

A degree in Engineering Science - Electrical Engineering aims to develop the competence of students to the profession of an Electrical Engineer, including the ability to design telecommunication networks, electricity networks and facilities, and to develop new projects in telecommunications, traditional energy, electronics and automation.
These objectives are met through a set of courses that provide strong training in basic mathematics and physics, together with a diverse and profound background in all areas relevant to modern Electrical Engineering (Electrical Circuits, Electronics, processing signals, telecommunications and data communications, electrical machinery, electrical installations, automatic control).
The meeting of the objectives can be measured by placing the graduates from Engineering Science - Electrical Engineering in the job market, where they generally find employment in companies in this area.

Equipments and venues

Classroom, Computer Laboratory, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Networking and telecommunications Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Operating Systems and Signal and Systems Laboratory, Library, Work Technology Center, Study Rooms, Bars and Canteens, Offices.
Fixed Video projector, Portable PC/Netbook (by request), Overhead projector (by request), PC Desktop Dx2420 - Dual Core 2.6GHz - RAM 2 Gb - HD 320Gb, PC Desktop HP5800 - Core duo 3.0GHz - RAM 2 Gb - HD 250Gb, PC Desktop HP7100 - Pentium IV 3GHz - RAM 1gb - HD 40Gb, PC Desktop D530 Shine - Pentium IV 2.4GHz - RAM 1gb - HD 40Gb, Oscilloscopes, Portable Oscilloscope Fluke 123, Multimeter, Signal generator GOLDSTAR FE 2002 C, Signal generator CIRCUIT MATE FG 2, Signal generator CDA 9020, Power supplies VALLEMAN PS 613, Power supplies CENTREL CEG 8549, Wattmeters SACI WLV 27630, Logical pens LP 2800, Bread boards K and H RH 21, Testing tables CAN JUMP C 8000, Project board K and H PP 272, Logic Analyzer HP54620A, Bridge Measure R.H.C. (Unahohm) Model RLG-26, Eprom's recorder - Stagg Quasar Universal, Eprom's eraser - Stagg SE-1T, Multifunction mounting bases.

Further Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Electrical Engineering enables the frequency of a Masters Degree (Diploma of the 2nd cycle) in the area of Engineering and Natural Sciences, not necessarily in the main area of the undergraduate training.

Occupacional Profiles

Research and development;
Planning, management and coordination of projects;
Auditing and consulting in their area of ??technology;
Design and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment.

Research institutes and private entities;
Industry electrical and electronic materials;
Industry production of consumer electronics;
Laboratories in their technology area;
Public and private companies;
Public administration.

In the following areas:
Analog Electronics;
Digital Electronics;
Electrical Machines;
Energy Production and Transportation;
Electrical Installations;
Control and Robotics;
Signal Processing.


To develop an active policy aiming at its students¿ professional integration is one of the objectives of this study cycle. Thus, besides various cooperation protocols established to integrate our students in internships and on-the-job training in several public and private entities operating in this sector in Portugal, the present study cycle engages in momentary agreements with other institutions with a view to ensuring the effective integration of all its students or graduates.

Scientific Areas

Engenharia e técnicas afins | Matemática | Electricidade e energia

Study Plan

1st Year/ Semester ECTS
AlgebraFirst Semester5
C ProgrammingFirst Semester6
Digital SystemsFirst Semester7
Instrumentation and MeasurementsFirst Semester6
Introduction to Electrotechnical EngineeringFirst Semester4
Calculus ISecond Semester5
Calculus IISecond Semester5
Circuit AnalysisSecond Semester6
Microprocessor BasicsSecond Semester6
PhysicsSecond Semester7
Second Semester3
2nd Year/ Semester ECTS
Calculus IIIFirst Semester5
Electromagnetism IFirst Semester7
Electronics IFirst Semester6,5
Probabilities and StatisticsFirst Semester5
Signals and SystemsFirst Semester6,5
Computational MathematicsSecond Semester6,5
Data Acquisition and ProcessingSecond Semester6,5
Electromagnetism IISecond Semester5,5
Electronics IISecond Semester6,5
Operational ResearchSecond Semester5
3rd Year/ Semester ECTS
Automatic Control IFirst Semester6
MicroelectronicsFirst Semester6
Automatic Control IISecond Semester6
Power ElectronicsSecond Semester6
3rd Year/ Semester ECTS
Electrical Energy SystemsFirst Semester6
Electrical Machines IFirst Semester6
Project on Energy and Power IFirst Semester6
Electrical Machines IISecond Semester6
Power Installations and Electrical DevicesSecond Semester6
Project on Energy and Power IISecond Semester6
3rd Year/ Semester ECTS
Fundamentals of TelecommunicationsFirst Semester6
Operating SystemsFirst Semester6
Telecommunication ProjectFirst Semester6
Data Communication and NewtorksSecond Semester6
Telecommunication Project IISecond Semester6
Telecommunications SystemsSecond Semester6

Teaching staff

Teachers, Academic Degree and Dedication time
LecturerAcademic DegreesDedication time
António Manuel Faria De Sousa FonsecaBachelorPart-Time
Carlos Jorge Dos Santos Limão SebastiãoMasterFull-Time
Ercilio Jorge De Andrade Tubarão MendesMasterPart-Time
Fernando Baltazar Moreira DuarteDoctorateFull-Time
Filipe Daniel Bastos Da Silva MacedoBachelorFull-Time
Hugo Dos Santos MarquesDoctorateFull-Time
João Carlos Roquete Fidalgo CantoDoctorateFull-Time
João Carlos Teixeira RodriguesDoctorateFull-Time
João Robert Paula NogueiraMasterFull-Time
José António Moreira MarquesBachelorPart-Time
José Paulo Dos Santos Ferreira PintoDoctorateFull-Time
Manuel José Simões LoureiroDoctorateFull-Time
Marko BekoDoctorateFull-Time
Paula Cristina Ribeiro VicenteDoctorateFull-Time
Paulo Alberto Da Silva CamposBachelorPart-Time
Ricardo João Gaio AlvesDoctorateFull-Time
Ricardo Vicente Raposo Crespo De OliveiraDoctorateFull-Time
Sergio Pedro Mestre FerreiraMasterFull-Time


External Students 0 €
200 €
200 €
Change Course 68 €
Admission for Undergraduates 180 €
Holders of University Degree 180 €
Over 23 years 180 €
Holders of Technological Specialization Courses 180 €
Registration221 €
Enrollment316 €
Student Insurance40 €
Average value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 360 €
Per ECTS 12 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force