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A3ES Decision


Decision date


A3ES Decision

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Bachelor | 8 Semesters | 240 ECTS

Programme Director

Prof. Doutor Nelson Alexandre Rodrigues Tavares


Marisa Paiva

Entrance Conditions

National access competition/tender:
Having completed the 12th grade;
A grade higher than 95 points (range 0-200), in the following entrance exams:
02- Biology and Geology

Entry competition/tender:
Course changes;
In accordance with Decree 401/2007, of April 5.
Special competition/tender for those over the age of 23:
On completing 23 years of age by the 31st of December of the preceding year
Those not entitled access to higher education (if they have undertaken and been approved in the entrance test for the college they want to enter, they are entitled to the referred access).
Special competition/tender for higher education graduates and Diplomas in Specialized Technology:
(In accordance with Decree-Law No. 393-B/99, of 2 October;
In accordance with Ordinance No. 854-A/99, of 4 October;
In accordance with Decree-Law No. 88/2006, of May 23).

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 240 ECTS


A degree in Nutrition Sciences aims to trainning professionals with a solid scientific knowledge in basic health sciences (chemical and biological areas), social and behavioural sciences, and specifically in nutrition sciences with the ultimate goal of promoting the health of individuals and populations.

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

The students should knowing how to apply food schemes to different situations, understanding the influence of production, processing and cooking on nutritional value and to be able to participate in the planning/implementation of food policies and nutritional promoting public health. All the above mentioned parameters are according to a consensus document elaborated by some Portuguese universities (Faculdade de Ciências da Nutrição e Alimentação da Universidade do Porto, Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Sul, Universidade Atlântica) and profissional associations (Associação Portuguesa de Nutricionistas e Associação dos Profissionais de Nutrição e Engenharia Alimentar). This undergraduate programmes intend to provide students with the defined skill in the consensus document enabling them to exercise their profession alone or integrated in multidisciplinary teams.

Equipments and venues

Rebuilt recently as the 2nd phase of development in the master plan for future construction south of the existing buildings, the health sciences areas provide the state of art facilities and space necessary for instruction and research. the space occupies new classrooms and laboratories in 4 main elements, one shared support laboratory space, new analytical and biomedical equipment, proper meeting spaces, a library, dedicated computer rooms, auditorium and capacity for teleconferencing.

Analytical testing and pilot Scale Formulation Equipment are dominant. ULHT/FCTS is in the processof acquisition of especially designed nanotecnology equipment. Our experience in sub-micron and nano tools, at the early stage tool development and prototyping lead to recent investment in updated technology whichalong with the requisite high level of pharmaceutical quality standard provides the complete skill set for supervising R&D projects which are focused on core health technologies, either dermatologically, nutritionally or therapeutically targeted.

Scientific Areas

Terapia e reabilitação | Saúde | Saúde e protecção social

Study Plan

1st Year/ Semester ECTS
BiostatisticsFirst Semester4
Cell BiologyFirst Semester5,5
EnglishFirst Semester4,5
Functional Anatomy IFirst Semester5,5
General BiochemistryFirst Semester5,5
Health and Contemporary Culture HistoryFirst Semester5
Assessment Methodologies of Food IntakeSecond Semester5,5
Biochemistry ISecond Semester5
Deontologia ProfissionalSecond Semester4,5
Functional Anatomy IISecond Semester5,5
General MicrobiologySecond Semester5,5
GeneticsSecond Semester4
2nd Year/ Semester ECTS
Biochemistry IIFirst Semester5
BromotalogyFirst Semester6
Human Feeding and NutritionFirst Semester6,5
Microbiology of FoodsFirst Semester5
Physiology IFirst Semester4
PsychologyFirst Semester3,5
Assessment Methodologies of Nutritional StatusSecond Semester4,5
Computer ScienceSecond Semester4
Human Feeding and NutritionSecond Semester7,5
ImmunologySecond Semester5,5
PharmacologySecond Semester4
Physiology IISecond Semester4,5
3rd Year/ Semester ECTS
Diotherapy IFirst Semester7
Food TechnologyFirst Semester6
Food ToxicologyFirst Semester4
GastrotechnyFirst Semester4
Hygiene and Food SafetyFirst Semester4,5
Pathology of NutritionFirst Semester4,5
Collective Feeding and ManagementSecond Semester5,5
Diotherapy IISecond Semester7
Food and Nutrition PolicySecond Semester4
Nutrition and SportSecond Semester3,5
Nutrition in CommunitiesSecond Semester3,5
Project ISecond Semester6,5
4st Year/ Semester ECTS
Diotherapy IIIFirst Semester8
EpidemiologyFirst Semester5,5
Geriatric NutritionFirst Semester3,5
Molecular NutritionFirst Semester3,5
Nutrition in Childhood and AdolescenceFirst Semester3,5
Project IIFirst Semester6
TraineeshipSecond Semester30

Teaching staff

Teachers, Academic Degree and Dedication time
LecturerAcademic DegreesDedication time
Ana Isabel Gomes RitoDoctoratePart-Time
Ana Leonor De Sousa PerdigãoMasterPart-Time
Ana Luísa Gomes JúlioMasterPart-Time
Ana Sofia Gregório FernandesDoctorateFull-Time
Anabela Pereira NevesDoctoratePart-Time
António José De Almeida Simões RaposoDoctoratePart-Time
Bruno Lisandro França De SousaDoctoratePart-Time
Carla Alexandra Moura PereiraMasterPart-Time
Carla Vanessa Dias Sarmento Correia De SáPart-Time
Catarina Baptista Fialho RosadoDoctorateFull-Time
Cláudia Sofia Ferreira Correia MindericoDoctoratePart-Time
Elisabete Muchagato MaurícioDoctorateFull-Time
Fernando José Silva TeodósioMasterPart-Time
Filipe Fernando Da Cruz InácioDoctoratePart-Time
Henrique Nuno Nazaré E SilvaDoctorateFull-Time
João Guilherme Feliciano Da CostaDoctorateFull-Time
José Manuel Gonçalves LopesDoctorateFull-Time
Luis António Monteiro RodriguesDoctorateFull-Time
Maria Cristiana Henriques NunesDoctorateFull-Time
Maria Do Céu Gonçalves Da CostaDoctorateFull-Time
Maria Lidia Laginha Mestre Guerreiro Da PalmaDoctoratePart-Time
Maria Margarida André Oliveira EstudanteDoctoratePart-Time
Maria Margarida Ferreira AlvesDoctorateFull-Time
Nelson Alexandre Rodrigues TavaresDoctorateFull-Time
Nuno Ricardo De Almeida SaraivaDoctorateFull-Time
Rita Alexandra Mourato Dos Reis CaparicaMasterPart-Time
Sandra Isabel Machado PereiraMasterPart-Time
Tânia Vanessa Santos De AlmeidaDoctorateFull-Time
Teresa Maria Rogado Ventura GuerreiroMasterPart-Time


Admission for Undergraduates 180 €
Change Course 68 €
External Students 0 €
Holders of Technological Specialization Courses 180 €
Holders of University Degree 180 €
Over 23 years 180 €
200 €
200 €
Registration221 €
Student Insurance40 €
Enrollment316 €
Average value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 350,1 €
Per ECTS 11,67 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force