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Universidade Lusófona

Curso Livre em Cyberparks - Creating Inclusive and Mediated Public Spaces

Escola de Comunicação, Arquitetura, Artes e Tecnologias da Informação

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Direção do Curso

Carlos Smaniotto Costa


Fernando Catarino


Innovations in Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) have revolutionised the way we work, learn, how we communicate and even how we spend our free time. Ubiquitous technologies are changing the world, both in terms of sociability and subjectivity, and these are consequently changing how people experience the city, appreciate urban landscape and nature, along with the way people interrelate to each other and with the space. On the other hand, digital technologies enable people to capture and share personal experiences in new ways, creating new forms of learning, gathering, and communicating across multiple contexts. This digital challenge poses some questions about the future of the city, its features and their management.
Our main objective is to discuss different aspects of the penetration of digital technology into the city and more specifically into public open spaces, and to spark the interest in topics as inclusiveness and co-creation in the digital era. The participants will reflect on the interactions between people, places, and technology and will investigate how to make use of the opportunities digital technologies are opening up to engage and activate citizens


English classes


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