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Curso Livre em Elements of Journalism

Escola de Comunicação, Arquitetura, Artes e Tecnologias da Informação

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Apresentação do Curso

The Elements of Journalism course is based on a highly acclaimed mid-career training program that draws from the experiences of more than 10-thousand journalists at 150 news organizations around the world.

It identifies the factors that produce journalism¿s special value and that separate it from everything else in the news and information universe. Students will examine what journalists do, how they do it, and why it's important and, by doing so, will become more conscious decision-makers and more effective journalists.

Direção do Curso

Walter Dean


Fernando Catarino


Students will examine sources of news and information to consider what is and is not journalism; identify the characteristics of stories that successfully engage readers, viewers and listeners; learn techniques to find and present content that people will care about; dissect government, political and social issue coverage to discover why some stories have impact and others don´t; examine issues involving verification, bias and ethics; study the special role of investigative journalism and how to approach all reporting as a watchdog; and study the special role of journalism and the demands on journalists during times of national crisis or war.

The course is not ethics or skills training, but includes both in a way that will help students connect classroom theory with everyday work in the field. It relies heavily on Socratic method, case studies, small group exercises, and large group discussions so attendance is mandatory and participation key.


Responsáveis de Comunicação;
Profissionais que tenham funções na área dos média digitais;
Responsáveis por novos canais;
Licenciados nas diferentes áreas das ciências da comunicação.

Conhecimentos, capacidades e competências a adquirir

Students taking the class for credit will be required to regularly attend class, participate in discussions, complete a research field project and submit a report/paper (in Portuguese or English) based on (but not limited to) one of five concepts that will be covered in the first quarter: hierarchy and diversity in sourcing; civic mapping; content analysis; the discipline of verification; and the central elements in effective story telling. Students will join a closed Facebook group created for the class that will include links to weekly readings, articles, and examples.

The course is based on the universal principles identified in The Elements of Journalism, now in 38 languages; We Interrupt this Newscast, the most extensive study of broadcast news content ever; and the experiences of the several thousand working journalists who participated in the Elements seminars over the past 15-years.


A este ciclo de estudos/programa de formação aplicam-se as tabelas de emolumentos em vigor na Universidade Lusófona para o presente ano letivo